Friday, August 14, 2015

Teen mom and serial entrepreneur

Tran Wills is a bad ass (former) teen mom. She has started several businesses all with her family by her side. Some have been financially successful and others have not. The one thing that has remained  constant is the unapologetic nature she came into after becoming in a teen mom.
"When you’re a young mom, people look at you like you have no worth. We wanted to prove to everyone we weren’t going to be like that. I’m doing this for my kids. If it weren’t for them, I’d probably be working a job that I hate." 

This carried over into the ways she showed up for business meetings with prospective clients, funders, and partners.
"A lot of people were awesome about it, and some were questioning—like, are you a professional or not? But I said, 'If you want to work with me, this is what it is.'" 

Being a mother, business owner, creative, wife, and individual is A LOT of work but she has found a way that makes it less stressful for her.
"When I live day by day, I can be better prepared for when shit hits the fan. A kid will be sick, and something will go wrong at the store."

How does she think her children feel about her?
"I think they are super proud and super inspired"

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