Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Tri State area Pregnant and Parenting Teen Family Portrait Shoot

I am very very excited for this project.
After reading my #NoTeenShame sister's post about how she realizes that there are very little to no photos of her as a pregnant and parenting teen I started thinking about how true that was for me too.

Consuela shares how photo albums are usually meant for happy and proud occasions,
"My family has photo album after photo album of memories that we wanted to remember, but there was so much shame and embarrassment about my pregnancy that we didn’t pull out the Polaroid to memorialize my journey." 

She goes on to expand and say,
"As I think back to that time in my life I am sad that I don’t have pictures to remember my first pregnancy. It wasn’t okay for me to say cheese for pictures and be happy about being pregnant. I was embarrassed when people would stare at me in public… a few times strangers would be so rude with their stares and comments that I would be pissed enough to say “fuck you”, but most of the time I was just ashamed."

I cried reading Consuela's words because they were my reality too. After I was done crying I deiced to do something to change this for other pregnant and parenting teens. So I organized this event for them to be happy and document in photos the beauty of their pregnancy and their early parenting journey.

If you are a pregnant and or parenting teen in the Tri-State area please fill out this interest form. If you know a pregnant and or parenting young person that you think would be interested in this event please forward the form to them.

Together we can give these teen families quality photos that they can be happy about and look back at years from now.

You can send the link too: