Friday, May 6, 2016

#NoTeenShame looks like National Teacher of the Year, Jahana Hayes and Barack Obama

May is REALLY REALLY HARD but things like this make it a bit easier. 
The National Teacher of the Year award recipient this year was a teen mom and she just introduced the CHILD of a teen mom, President Barack Obama, at The White House. Both say they got to where they are today by SUPPORT, not shame. 

President Obama credits his mother, who had him as a teen, for the successes in his life. President Obama's maternal grandparents supported and helped their daughter raise her son.  

2016 National Teacher of the Year Jahana Hayes credits teachers who encouraged her to stay in school even after she found out she was pregnant

Support goes a long way and it is important that we remember that ALL the time when thinking about pregnant and parenting teens. And it's especially important to remember it during May. 

Support= Prevention. 


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