Tuesday, May 24, 2016

ReThink TPPM

I made this images because I was moved to present the other set of facts in many of the prevention folks use to justify stigmatize and shame teen and young mothers. 

I was interviewed by Taylor Bell of ATTN on why I made the images, read some of it below.

"And it's past time that all men who contribute to any pregnancy, especially an unintended teenage pregnancy, are held accountable, too," Malone said.

"The things prevention folks say about young people who experience an unintended pregnancy are super problematic, and I knew and continue to know there is more to the story than they choose to put out there about me, my family, and my peers."


  1. Hi. Can you point me to the source of that statistic?

  2. The book mentioned in the picture is searchable here, but I haven't found the data in it. http://www.nap.edu/catalog/4903/the-best-intentions-unintended-pregnancy-and-the-well-being-of

    1. Found it! On p. 205 it reads ". For example, using 1988 data from the NSFG and The Alan Guttmacher Institute, Glei (1994) has estimated that among girls who were mothers by the age of 15, 39 percent of the fathers were ages 20–29; for girls who had given birth to a child by age 17, the comparable figure was 53 percent." The citation is from Glei D. Age of Mother by Age of Father, 1988. Unpublished data from Sex and America's Teenagers, 1994, by The Alan Guttmacher Institute; retabulated by Child Trends, Inc., Washington, DC; 1994.

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