Monday, March 13, 2017

This Young Moms Gorgeous Baby Photos Remind Us Embrace Young Motherhood

Photos of early times in Leilani's life and my pregnancy don't exist too much for a variety of reasons but mostly because of the shame and stigma surrounding my pregnancy and parenting at 15 years old. For this very reason I LOVE how elaborate and creative teen mama, Isabel Moutran, is with these monthly photoshoots of her beautiful baby girl.

Seeing this young mama take amazing and gorgeous photos and memories of her daughter makes me so happy especially because as teen/young moms we are meant to feel ashamed of our motherhood.

With over 5K followers on Instagram it's easy to see why so many people follow this creative and loving young family. 

From beautiful maternity photos

To gorgeous newborn photos

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 I mean look at this!

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According to an interview with Buzzfeed the gorgeous photos can take a long time to plan since some of the props are handmade by mom.

You can follow this mama on Instagram here. 

Remember! Your pregnancy and parenting are amazing, gorgeous, and magical despite what anyone tells you.