Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Help Her Future Encourage Teen Moms in Chicago

Lauren Cole is a woman who knows that supporting families headed by teen parents is the best thing you can do for them to be able to thrive. She is the Founder of Her Future, a Chicago based non profit organization that provides programming, support, and opportunities to pregnant and parenting young people.

One way this is done is through their annual luncheon where one teen mother is given a financial scholarship. Lauren believes in teenage mothers and the mission of helping them help themselves so much that she often times pays for all things out of pocket. This year Her Future is running a fundraiser by selling t-shirts.

When I Asked Cole what resilient meant to her and why she choose to include it on the t-shirt she said,

"Resiliency is something that anyone who has dealt with difficulties and bounced back from them has. Our t-shirts give you an opportunity to display your Resilience while supporting an organization that empowers teen moms."

  Cole goes on to say,

"The support we give to teen moms is important because we need all mothers to feel supported and to know that they have the tools they need to parent well. We have a lot of programs that teach abstinence but we need more that teach safe sex and what to do if you do become pregnant. That's what Her Future does."

You can support this great organization by purchasing a T-Shirt here.
Donate to Her Future here
Follow them on Facebook 


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