Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Young Parents Write About Their Experiences

If you are wanting to write about your experiences as a young parent Teen Mom NYC wants to hear from you!

I started Teen Mom NYC as a place to share my experiences of becoming pregnant and a parents at the age of 15, share the experiences of other pregnant and parenting young people, and share helpful resources for pregnant and parenting young people. Never did I imagine that starting this space would open up so many doors and opportunities for me. 

Through creating this platform I have had the opportunity to write for other publications like Huffington Post, ReWire News, AlJazeera America, and many others. I've been able to connect with amazing organizations like the National Women's Law Center, Forward Together, Advocates for Youth, National Latina Institue for Reproductive Health, and several others. I've planned and hosted two events for pregnant and parenting young people, spoken at schools and conferences, and hosted giveaways. All because of this platform. 

All of these things are beautiful and changed my life. However, I'm no longer a teen parent myself. I've grown in age and feel strange writing about the lives of pregnant and parenting young people today because that is no longer my experience today. After thinking about it I know that opening this space up for other pregnant and parenting young people to share their experiences, write about topics they're passionate about, and possibly have this space open up doors of opportunity for them is what I want to do with Teen Mom NYC. 

  • If you are 21 or younger and a parent and are interested in writing for the site in any way please fill out the form below
  • If you know a pregnant and or parenting young person under the age of 21 that you feel would like to write for the site please have them fill out the form below

I look forward to seeing your information.

Please note: Teen Mom NYC is a one person site so it may take more than a week for me to get back to you however I WILL get back to you.