Gloria Malone's Teen Mom Story

Gloria became sexually active at the age of 14 and pregnant by the age 15 with her now almost seven year old daughter, Leilani. Attending high school while being a full time employee, mother, fiance, step mom, house keeper, student and daughter was not easy. However, with a lot of determination, sleepless nights, more than a few dirty diapers and with the support of family and friends she graduated Apopka High School on time and with honors. She later enrolled to Seminole State College of Florida and graduated in a year and a half. Upon graduating she was  faced with many personal life altering challenges. Gloria felt as if she was only living the life she had to live and not the life she wanted to. She was determined to do something about it and left the father of her child, a job at a prestigious Florida law firm, and moved to New York City to pursue her dreams and achieve the life she has always wanted for Leilani and herself.

Mission: Teen Mom NYC aims to provide accurate, reliable, inspiring information, and  advice to teen mothers. I firmly believe that giving these young women the necessary tools to create a better life for themselves and their families is essential. With education and empowerment these young mother's can and will rise above the statistics that teen mothers face.

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